Jerry Wexler

Known as the "Funky Jewish King of Black Music," the legendary Atlantic Records executive produced Dylan's Slow Train Coming (1979) and Saved (1980) albums.

Joel Selvin

Legendary Rock and Roll critic for the San Francisco Chronicle, Selvin's review of Dylan's first religious show "Dylan's God-Awful Gospel" is infamous. (click to download pdf)

Pastor Bill Dwyer

Lead core group of Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church founders that included Kenn Gulliksen and Larry Myers in the mid-1970s.

Spooner Oldham

Reknowned organ and piano player and part of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section, Oldham toured with Dylan from 1979-1980 and on Slow Train Coming and Saved albums.

Regina McCrary

Featured background singer on Slow Train Coming and on tour with Bob Dylan from 1979-1981, best-known for her riveting Gospel duets with Dylan.

Al Kasha

Award-winning songwriter, Kasha joined the Vineyard Christian Fellowship Church with Bob Dylan in 1979. Kasha is the author of Jesus, Hollywood and Me.

AJ Weberman

Rock journalist and inventor of Dylanology, AJ puts his unique spin on Dylan's religious lyrics and "the Jesus people."

Mitch Glaser

A founding member of Jews for Jesus, Glaser played a surprise role in Bob Dylan's first reigious shows at the Fox Warfield Theatre in San Francisco in 1979.

Pete Howard

Former Rolling Stone Editor, CBS Records executive, and ICE Magazine publisher and leading Dylan commentator for over 30 years.

Regina McCrary & Bob Dylan - San Francisco, 1979

Scarlet Rivera - Violin
Regina McCrary - Vocals
Bruce Langhorne - Tambourine

Disc includes full Soundtrack MP3s

The Old Woman on the Train
Do Lord, Remember Me
Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior
Ode to the Gospel Years #1
Shadow Coming Down the Highway
Hallelujah, I'm Ready
Ode to the Gospel Years #2
Mary from the Wild Moor
Somebody Touched Me
I, John, Saw a Mighty Number
Jesus Met the Woman at the Well
Precious Lord, Take My Hand

Violinist Scarlet Rivera performed on Bob Dylan's Desire album, and Rolling Thunder Review tours

The Film

Directed and Produced by Joel Gilbert
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DVD Bonus Features:

  1. 1978 Bob Dylan World Tour

  2. 1976 "Hurricane" Carter and
    Bob Dylan Together in Prison

  3. Full Soundtrack MP3s on Disc

Running Time: 120 Minutes

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